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Expand your fly fishing knowledge on your own time schedule

The Interior Fly Fishing Co. Learning Center provides instructional courses that allow you to learn at your own speed, with the freedom to revert back to the learning content at any time you please.

90 Minute Fly Fisherman - Learn the Fundamentals of Fly Fishing in 90 Minutes or Less

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Master the Fundamentals of Fly Fishing in 90 Minutes or Less

Not only is it possible for anybody to learn to fly fish, it's possible for anyone to learn quickly

When you are learning a new skill, you have two choices: 

1) Learn from somebody who has already made, and learned from, every mistake you could imagine

2) Try to figure it out on your own

The difference between these two?

One of these will cost you a small amount of money and very little time, the other will cost you a lot of both.

The 90 Minute Fly Fisherman compounds 10 years of professional fly fishing experience into a quick but immersive course designed to teach you the fundamentals of fly fishing in only 90 minutes.

Want to learn how you can become a competent, confident fly fisherman in just 90 minutes?

How our Online Fly Fishing Courses Work

  • Detailed Video Instruction

    Each course includes comprehensive instructional videos designed to teach each topic in the simplest, most effective way possible

  • Work On Your Own Schedule

    It can be hard to find the time to learn new hobbies or skills. Our courses offer you the freedom to learn at your own speed, and revert back to the content whenever you please

  • Written Text Files and Chapter Quizzes

    Solidify the content you've just learned with downloadable PDF text files, writing exercises, planners and chapter quizzes

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