Master the art of tying productive chironomid patterns

Have you ever wondered why it seems that 10% of boats on the lake are landing 90% of the fish? 

This is not by accident, and is simply because some anglers are constantly dialed in to the fly that fish want to eat. With over 2,500 known species of Chironomids throughout the Pacific Northwest, having a wide variety of patterns is essential for catching large, conditioned fish. 

Chironomids account for over 50% of a rainbow trout's diet throughout the open water season, and there are no methods more effective when a chironomid hatch is present. The qualities of productive chironomid patterns include life-like taper, size, shape, and colour to match the natural pupa that are emerging. 

With 7 chapters and over 40 short videos, Chironomid Tying Mastery is a decade worth of dedicated research and development compressed into one online course. Students will learn topics such as choosing proper equipment, body materials, ribbing materials, basic and advanced techniques, as well as 12 of our standby chironomid patterns.

Chironomid Tying Mastery is designed for tyers of all skill levels, allowing you to learn at your own pace, and revert back to previous lessons any time you want. Our purpose with this course is to save you time, money and effort on your path to becoming highly effective at tying chironomids that produce results.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to tie properly proportioned chironomid pupa imitations

  • The "20% Rule" that generates a perfectly tapered body

  • How to use chironomid body materials you won't find in a fly shop

  • Understanding how to choose threads, tinsels, body and ribbing materials

  • 12 proven chironomid patterns

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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Chapter 1 | Equipment

    • Introduction

    • Choosing a Vise

    • Scissors

    • Additional Tools

    • Chapter 1 Equipment Shopping List

  • 02

    Chapter 2 | Hooks, Beads & Threads

    • Chapter 2 Introduction

    • Hooks

    • Beads

    • Threads

    • Chapter 2 Material Shopping List

  • 03

    Chapter 3 | Body Materials

  • 04

    Chapter 4 | Ribbing Materials

    • Chapter 4 Introduction

    • Thread

    • Tinsels

    • Wire

    • Chapter 4 Material Shopping List

  • 05

    Chapter 5 | Essential Chironomid Tying Techniques

  • 06

    Chapter 6 | Advanced Chironomid Techniques

    • Chapter 6 Introduction

    • Tying Two-Tone Chironomids

    • Tying Double-Ribbed Chironomids

    • Triple-Tone ASB Chromie

    • Tying a "Bomber" Chironomid Pupa

    • Tying a Spun Thread Ribbing

  • 07

    Chapter 7 | A Dozen Go-To Patterns

    • Chapter 7 Introduction

    • Ice Cream Cone

    • The Enabler

    • Bleeding Mud Bug

    • Herling Pupa

    • Static Bag Chromie

    • Stuffed Olive

    • Black & Tan

    • AM Java

    • Grey Brown

    • Craft Store Suzie

    • Electric Lemon

    • Glowing Wine Gum

    • "The Chironomid Fishing Handbook: 51 Tips for Chironomid Fishing Success" Free Download

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